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Eyelash Extensions - Mink and Synthetic

In A Wink has GENUINE Siberian Mink!

 This is by far the softest most luxurious Eyelash Extension on the market today. Genuin Siberian Mink lashes come straight from one of the most respected Mink Ranches in the world; then we purchase these lashes from exclusive suppliers in Canada and the United States, Lavish Lashes. No animals are harmed in the process of collecting these supple mink hairs. The Hair is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, without using harsh damaging chemicals. These all natural eyelash extensions are perfect for every day wear. With a variety of lengths and thickness you may get any look you desire In A Wink!

Genuine Siberian Mink

 Mink Au Natural Set (35 lashes per eye) 45 Mins

 Mink Glam Luxe Set (50 lashes per eye) 60mins
 Mink Drama Deluxe Set (65 lashes per eye) 75mins
 Mink Ultraluxe Loaded Set (80+ lashes per eye) 90+ mins
Synthetic Seamless Individual Lashes 
 Discovery Set  (15 lashes per eye) starter/trial set 30mins
 Au Natural Set  (35 lashes per eye) 45mins

 Glamorous Set (50 lashes per eye)

60 mins


 Dramatic Set (65 lashes per eye)



 Fully-Loaded Set (80+ lashes per eye) or as many as we can fit!


 Touch Ups - Synthetic
 Remax - 35+ Lashes 60mins
 Refull - 25+ Lashes 45mins
 Refill - 15+ Lashes 30-40mins
 Touch Ups - Genuine Siberian Mink
 Remax - 50 Lashes 60-75mins
 Refull - 35 Lashes 45-60mins
 Refill - 25 Lashes (ONLY  AVAILABLE FOR 2 WEEK PRE-BOOK)  30-45mins
Touch Ups - Russian Volume
Volume Refill - 2-3 Weeks
Volume Refill - 3-4 Weeks
 Other Lash Extension Services  
 Refill (Not from Wink)
 Consultation Required 65+
 Removal (Not from Wink)
 Removal (WINK!)
Before and After
Synthetic Glam set
Dramatic Synthetic Set
Lavish Mink Lashes